Lead Generation

Identify target customers and fill your sales pipeline by getting relevant re-actionable insights

Proposal Generation

A collaborative tool to quickly author Win Strategy and other proposal strategies

Sales BI Generation

Create and infer organization wide Sales effectiveness, loss pattern and prepare for future wins

Consulting & Coaching

Win Process Consulting, Assessment and Coaching labs to enable pre sales teams to win more

Intent Based Predictive Lead Generation

Get relevant and actionable insights on target customers in your sales pipeline

Your CRM and SFAs should be filled with companies who has the intent to spend and you should be doing business with. Discover organization personas from the signals they provide and uncover the relevant company insights needed to identify opportunities and win business.

How we can help

we will sniff every signal or trigger from your target customer list Save time and money by not pursuing on wrong or generic leads We work with the global best market intelligence databases


Handcrafted Winning Proposals Generation

The first few days in proposal life cycle is very important, Pursuit teams should never waste time grappling where to start.

If your Presales or Solutioning teams are spending too much time responding to RFPs, we have a Proposal Generator for you. It captures all relevant proposal constructs and gives you a near complete proposal on day one, you now have a baseline for your win-strategy.

How we can help


  • Unified collaboration tool for global pursuit teams across all pursuits helps create your win strategy
  • Get all the relevant proposal contents the day one you receive your RFPs – save effort and money
  • Proposal generation is a few clicks and drag and drops, leveraging your own contents, which also creates a gold mine of intel



Win and loss BI & Analytics Generation

A Sales Stethoscope - pattern analyzer, predictor and highly secure organization wide pursuits dashboards

Sales data from CRMs and Sales Force Automation applications in most organization is scattered and unfortunately in multiple islands and formats - Excel, Databases, disjoint applications etc.

This is not a challenge for us, we will create the most relevant Sales BI and Analytics of your past and current deals, which will help as a guideline for future pursuits

How we can help


  • Assess, infer, massage, collate and cleanse data from various SFAs and CRMs and create a centralised database
  • Centralised reporting to create various highly relevant and sensitive sales Analytics and BI dashboards
  • Build your own dashboard as per your liking and Go live in a day
  • Get Sales related data feeds on periodical basis on any device and anywhere.


Enabling Presales teams to win more deals

Consulting and Coaching labs across the deal pursuit lifecycle, created by industry professionals

You have the best sales team, highly qualified to face the stiff competition. but if you do not have an equally best Presales & Solutioning team, all your efforts may go vain the drain.

At Pursuit Mentors, we prepare, coach and enable your Presales and Solutioning teams to equally gear up to the sales and market facing teams. We have pre-workshop assessments based on which we plan the pedagogy of the workshops.

How we can help


  • Compliment the sales team as lateral offshore thought leaders
  • Prepare and enable Presales and Solutioning teams across the deal pur suit lifecycle to win more
  • Expose the Presales teams to real life competitive bidding and its associ ated tenets to win
  • Consulting and Coaching labs includes 21 topics delivered to both MNCs and local companies